WheelBarrow Sled

The world's best sled. All surface, heavy duty, and WheelBarrow built in.

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Push Posts: 1 Set
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What's included?

Each WheelBarrow Sled comes with four 1" Thick UHMW Plastic Ski's ($69 value) pre-installed to reduce noise, protect your sled and provide smooth, all surface sledding.

Also included is our Pro Sled Strap ($49 value) allowing you ultra-comfortable sled pulling.

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2 Year Warranty

Crafted with precision and comfort in mind, this full sized foot plate offers ample space and support for a secure workout experience

Sled Push

Train four different push positions for maximum knee bulletproofing.

Sled Pull

Change directions with ease with the wrap around rail. Pro Sled Strap included.


Perform loaded carries to bulletproof your core, forearms, and more. It's like sledding for the upper body.

Vertical Storage

When you're done training, simply store the WheelBarrow Sled vertically. It takes up 21" X 18" of floor space. 


500 lbs

weight limit

73.4 lbs


21" X 18

Floor Space (Storage)

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