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    • My name is Benji, I am the founder of Freak Athlete. In my pursuit of pro soccer, I’ve undergone three knee surgeries—all before the age of 21.

      When I tore my ACL in 2021, there wasn’t a question of whether I’d get back—I just needed to figure out how. In October, I had ACL reconstruction knee surgery. Six weeks later, I started the ATG Zero training program.

      Soon after, I started training the Nordic Curl. I used a sketchy DIY setup and saw immediate progress. But my set up hurt my knees. My ankles couldn’t fully get locked in. I was constantly making sure my setup wouldn’t break.

      I looked everywhere for a proper Nordic bench that would fit in my garage. Everything I found was bulky and expensive.

      I knew I could made something that could give anyone elite results from home. So, I invested my lifesavings to create Freak Athlete and the Nordic Mini.

      Today, Freak Athlete is a community of coaches with one common mission: to create training equipment to help prevent and reduce knee pain.

    Compact Bulletproofing Equipment