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    • Benji Stark-Elster

      Founder & CEO

    • Yogi Taxak

      Head of Product

    • Cherry Mae Millanes

      Customer Support Specialist

    • Tifani Esco

      Customer Support Specialist

    • Lukas Worcester

      Video Editor

    • Reggie Rendal

      Customer Support Lead

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    • My name is Benji, I am the founder of Freak Athlete. In my pursuit of pro soccer, I’ve undergone three knee surgeries—all by the age of 20.

      When I tore my ACL in 2021, there wasn’t a question of whether I’d get back—I just needed to figure out how. In October, I had ACL reconstruction knee surgery.

      Soon after, I started training the Nordic Curl. I used a sketchy DIY setup and saw immediate progress. But my set up hurt my knees. My ankles couldn’t fully get locked in. I was constantly making sure my setup wouldn’t break.

      I looked everywhere for a proper Nordic bench that would fit in my garage. Everything I found was bulky and expensive.

      I knew I could made something that could give anyone elite results from home. So, I invested my lifesavings to create Freak Athlete and the Nordic Mini.

      This was just the start. Since the Nordic Mini, we've released 7 further products, helped over 20,000 customers, and continued to push our mission.

      Behind the brand and the products is an incredible team of coaches, engineers, and customers who truly bring FA to life.

      If we can help just one person get out of pain, prevent injury, or move better, then Freak Athlete will be a success.