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Questions? We've Got You Covered

Why should I train Nordic Curls?
Nordic Curls strengthen your hamstrings and protect your knees.

Research shows that training Nordics can reduce hamstring strain and ACL tears by 50%.
Are Nordic Curls safe for beginners?
Nordics are an intense exercise, but they are safe for beginners. 

The Nordic HyperExtension is suitable for beginners all the way through to freak athletes.

It has 10 degrees of progressions and 3 decline regressions at your disposal. Supporting you to bulletproof your knees every step of the way.

Can I do concentric/explosive reps?
Yes! You can train the full Nordic curl including the concentric/up motion. 
Do I need to add weight on the back?
For most exercises, you do not need to add a counterweight to it. 

However, if you are over 6 feet tall or 200 lbs, we would recommend loading a weight plate on the back during explosive (concentric) Nordic curls to prevent tipping.
What is the weight limit?
The Nordic Hyper is ASTM rated for 500 lbs in home use.
Is the Nordic HyperExtension commercial grade?
The Nordic HyperExtension has a full steel build, premium padding, and dual roller pads for maximum performance.

The Nordic HyperExtension was thoroughly tested for 500 lbs. It supports users between 5' and 7' tall.
How long does assembly take?
Assembly takes 30-45 minutes. All required tools are included in the box.
When do preorders ship?
Preorders will ship on November 30.
What if I change my mind after preordering?
If you change your mind after preordering, you are 100% covered. Simply send us an email and we will process a full refund.