Nordic Mini™ Pro

Bulletproof your hamstrings and protect your knees.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Premium Padding
  • Full Size Footplate
  • Height Adjustable Ankle Lock
  • Rated for 300 lbs
  • Compact & Portable
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Crafted with precision and comfort in mind, this full sized foot plate offers ample space and support for a secure workout experience

2 Year Warranty

Enjoy confidence in your purchase with our 2-year warranty. We stand by the quality of our products, offering you extended coverage for peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our commitment

Nordic Curls

Build resilient knees with Nordic Curls

Premium Padding

Train your low back, abs, and hip flexors with the Glute Ham Developer / Reverse Hyper mode. 

Full Size Footplate

Strengthen your glutes and quads with Hip Thrusts and Bulgarian Split Squats.

Vertical Storage

Store your Nordic Mini with just 18" x 8" of floor space.

Dual Ankle rollers

Fully lock your ankles from the top and bottom for better hamstring activation.



Ankle Rollers

44 lbs


18" x 8"


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